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About Sophrosyne

We’re Sophrosyne Concpt School (SCS), established by Shiva Educational Association in 2017. We offer Kindergarten to senior secondary education. Ours is comprehensive school with an inspiring and dynamic curriculum that challenges all our students to realise their full potential, encourages them to pursue new interests and equips them with the skills required for success in the competitive 21st century.

We don’t discriminate children on the basis of factors & conditions which hinders education.


Empowering Students

Academic success is at the core of our work and we are committed to students achieving the highest levels of progress and success.  Our students’ success is testament to the hard work and dedication of our excellent teaching staff, who are committed to ensuring that each and every student at Sophrosyne Concept School.

Students thrive at Sophrosyne Concept School and leave us as inspired, independent and articulate young adults, ready to enter the world as ambitious global citizens.

Kindling Thirst for Learning.
  • The early years of children are vital for the brain and holistic development.
  • Our early years curriculum is strong foundation laid to develop multiple intelligence
  • We focus this by arranging children in different activities which provoke inquisitiveness in everyday circumstances they came across
  • Our faculties are committed and dedicated in attending questions raised by children
Run Through Our Skills
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Collaboration with Staff/Students
Education Quality
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