Code of Conduct for Students

Find out our strict guidelines for our students and plrease read it carefully.

Code of Conducts for Students

We help children to become responsible citizen, the dynamic leader of tomorrow’s world. We are aware that the whole purpose of education is not to learn and earn living but to become changemakers in the society at large.

Self-discipline, safety and security stand frontline of priority. Towards a sense of self-discipline, self-respect developing to others and elders to lead a peaceful, joyful, respectful; and productive life. Every child who is part of Sophrosyne Concept School has to adhere to the following terms and conditions

  • Every student of Sophrosyne Concept School has to maintain discipline and respect everyone in the school campus
  • No children should scold, abuse, threaten, insult fellow friend, or teachers or any school staff inside the school campus.
  • Children are strictly not allowed to carry or buying & selling or distributing cigarettes or any type of tobacco inside or outside the school campus.
  • Students will not miss classes while in school and will not leave the school campus during school hours without prior permission of the Principal/.
  • Students will not deface or damage school property. Any damage to school property should be reported to the Principal immediately.
  • Students who violate the school rules will not be permitted to represent the school in any inter-school sports or other activities irrespective of individual interests or talent.
  • Students are expected to have a strict adherence to school timings. Students will not be permitted to enter the school after commencement of school time.
  • Students should be in the proper uniform as prescribed. The proper length of skirts and shorts must be adhered to. Black shoes must be as defined in the uniform.
  • Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones on the school premises. In case a student has to carry a phone for extraneous reasons, arrangements will be made to deposit the phone at the school office during school hours.
  • Strict discipline must be maintained in the school bus. Misbehaviour on the bus can lead to the withdrawal of bus facilities.
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